Who we are

Odliya is a multinational Company  that formed by a group of businessmen from different countries (NIK ATM). We, at Odliya, take the pleasure of representing Iranian’s heritage of Turquoise stone that made Iran one of the most unique exporting countries in the world. This stone is available in different forms.

Our philosophy is to maintain high quality and reliable standards in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to create a good business experience for our customers that lead to stable and sustainable business relationship and we are proud to be part of their growth story.

Whatever your next project is, just stay in your office and contact us. We will go across Neyshabur and find the best Turquoise that will make your dream come true in your project and enable you to accomplish your mission perfectly.

Odliya Ethical Charter

We believe consumers need to know what benefits each product has, and which ones are best suited to each one. Therefore, we assume our duty, informing about the properties and benefits of products.

For us, the persistent of the business requires honesty.

The persistent of business with our customers is more important than having multiple customers.

Odliya and its customers have a common goal (distributing products with quality, timely and sufficiently)

We believe that after-sales service is the only factor in our customers’ loyalty to business.So, every moment until the last stage of the export process, we are in contact with our customers. And we will be responsible for the damage caused by our mistakes

We know that for having persistent business with our customers, we must try to deliver a product with the best competitive features.




Happy Clients


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